Wireless Conductive Safety Trigger

The wireless safety trigger system is a new safety device that makes it virtually impossible for users of Electrocoup Electric Shears to suffer from cuts. The device instantly responds to any contact with conductive gloves or skin.

Invented and patented by INFACO and its partners, this WIRELESS system provides MAXIMUM SAFETY by protecting any part of the users body that comes into contact with the shears cutting head. The WIRELESS system uses a conductive trigger that connects the uses body to the electronic system in the shears.

If any contact between the cutting head and the operators gloves or skin is detected the system immediately stops the shears from operating thus avoiding any accident.

PLEASE NOTE: The wireless trigger needs to be installed on new and existing F3015 sets by our Electrocoup service department.

Product Code: 9695

Price on Application.
This product is not available to purchase online.
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