'Vent' Truss Support Tape - 100mtr

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This vented truss support tape is manufactured from a tough, durable, non-fray material and has a number of unique qualities that are not available with any other truss tapes available elsewhere.

The strength of this vented tape has been tested under varied conditions and it has proved to withstand cold and heat without breakdown. Some growers have installed this vented tape, leaving it out in the field throughout the winter, and it is now entering its fourth year without breakages occurring.

The vent holes allow pesticides and fungicides to penetrate through the tape removing the hiding place for pests and disease. The vent holes also allow the air to flow through the truss tape helping to prevent too much tug from the wind and allowing the tape to dry hence further preventing disease.

When under tension the tape forms a gentle curve providing the perfect support for the trusses helping to prevent kinking and breaking allowing an uninterrupted supply of nutrients through each truss.

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Product Code: 8556

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