Gripples are used very extensively for joining and tensioning wires in structures supporting top fruit and soft fruit.
The Gripple has been developed for structures such as orchard trellis work and various soft fruit support systems. Designed to sustain the heavy loads produced by fruit trees and to deliver a strong, robust system.
Gripples are available in three sizes, Small, Medium and Jumbo and also as End Gripples. They are designed to accommodate the wire diameters/gauges most commonly used in fruit support structure applications.
The entire Gripple Plus Range uses the patented push-fit system that utilises ceramic rollers to actively grip the wire while under tension, while still allowing for additional tension to be applied at any time. Combining a zinc housing with a sintered ceramic roller gives them maximum corrosion resistance, while maintaining strength and functionality. When using Gripples no bending or knotting of wire is needed meaning the durability and longevity of your wire is optimized.

When using Gripples installation labour is minimized and annual maintenance is negligible.

Product Code: 3053

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