Fruit Harvesting Sledge c/w rope

Harvesting sledges are the ideal tool for picking strawberries grown in the ground.
The rim of the sledge is carefully designed to hold a standard 400mm x 600mm tray. The large void underneath the tray, which is easily accessed by the large opening at either end, is ideal for the waste fruit.
Each sledge is formed out of tough talc filled polypropylene and is supplied complete with rope, ready for use in the field.
Other useful features include: two sizing holes, nesting for easy storage, can be cleaned with a pressure washer and, being bright orange, are easily visible out in the field.
The sledges slide smoothly over most ground conditions with some surfaces being more abrasive than others. Soil and straw are the types of surface the sledges are commonly coming in contact with but sometimes they are pulled across areas of concrete.

Product Code: 8841

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