Electrocoup F3015 Secateur

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Electrocoup F3015, the only electric secateur to feature in-built safety systems. 

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Features of the new F3015
- Compact and Light
- Ergonomic Design
- Soft Comfortable Grip
- Exceptional Power and Efficiency
- User in complete control
- Electronic blade adjustment
- Battery power indicator on handset
- Information such as number of cuts etc, stored in the handset.
F3015 Standard Medium Maxi
Handset weight (grams) 790g 860g 1270g
Cutting capacity 40mm 45mm 55mm
Blade Axis Torque (Nm) 184.3 223.2 360

What the set includes:-
- 1 x Handset complete with standard head
- 1 x Lithium-ion Cobalt Battery complete with lead
- 1 x Automatic Charger
- 1 x 200ml Special Grease
- 1 x Spare uncoated Blade
- 1 x Sharpening Stone
- 1 x Blade Change Tool
- 1 x Vest and Waist Belt
- 1 x Robust carrying case.
Ultra-compact 120Wh Lithium Ion Battery
The Lithium-ion Cobalt battery weighs only 810g.
The storage cells of the battery have been chosen for their reliability and capacity to deliver intense current.

Weight: 810 g
Full-day complete autonomy 9hrs depending on usage
Battery with storage cells protection and management electronic system (BMS)
High storage capacity LITHIUM cells
High Power Long Life Intelligent Battery Technology.
5 Year warranty on the battery.
CHOOSE HOW YOU CARRY THE BATTERY vest, with and without braces, trouser belt and pocket clip)
The vest coupled with the lightness of the battery provides comfort and flexibility.
Intelligent Automatic Charger.
Rapid charging: 90 minutes
The F3015 Lithium battery charger enables a 90% charge in 1hr and complete charge is obtained within 90 minutes including cell balancing and will provide ample power for a full day's work. The charger is capable of charging two batteries at one time.
The Electrocoup F3015 battery is also compatible with the POWERCOUP PW2 range which includes a reciprocating saw, hedge trimmer, desuckering tool, and blossom thinner.
Battery Sleep Mode function protects the battery during an extended storage period thus optimising its service life. Recharging is no longer required during the off-season. Just press the sleep button on the charger and charge the battery for a few hours at the end of the every pruning season, and store in its case until next season.

The Electrocoup shears are now available with the Wireless Trigger Safety System.

Product Code: 9600

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