DSES Electrocoup Safety Gloves (Pk3)

Electronic Safety System the DSES Safety Glove.
Users safety has always been a number one priority with Electrocoup.
The Electrocoup is the only electric secateur to offer an electronic injury prevention system.
It consists of a special conductive safety glove which has metal mesh inter woven into the fabric and is connected to a DSES (Extra Electronic Safety System) specific helix cable.
As soon as the cutting head and the conductive glove come in contact with each other, blade closing is immediately stopped and the blade returns to the open position.
Unlike reinforced or metal-chain gloves, the special DSES gloves is less cumbersome making it easier to work with and it has been certified by CTC, an organization authorized by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Health. You will also need 9358 wiring kit

Product Code: 9354-LH-8

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