Deltex Xtrawire

Deltex polyester wire is a lot easier to handle than steel wire making it approximately 40% quicker to install saving time and labour. It does not rust and has high UV stability meaning that it will not go brittle. It has been proven to last over 12 years.
Deltex is described as having a memory which means that whenever the tension is released it will always return to its original length, it will never remain permanently stretched. Therefore it always remains tight after tensioning and in extreme weather conditions and temperatures, providing good support all year for soft fruit, top fruit and vineyards all year round.
It has a completely smooth surface hence causing little or no abrasion making it ideal when using with plastic covers or nets.
There are a number of Deltex clips that provide sufficient flexibility to allow systems to be tailored to suit each particular application.

Product Code: 8715

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