Carmo Air-dried treated posts 20yr+

The UK fruit growing industry needs posts that can be relied on, posts that will provide unfailing support for years and years to come.

Probably all growers have had their fingers burnt when using Creosoted posts and some growers have also had their 'fingers burnt' by not using Creosoted products!
Although Creosote is considered the best way of preserving wooden posts for 60+ years, it is also recognised by all, as a very toxic product. It causes burns when coming in contact with the skin, the vapours are damaging to fruit especially on hot sunny days and, when inhaled, the vapours can cause cancer.
Despite this growers were still forced to rely on the faithful old Creosoted products as there hadn't been a satisfactory alternative.
Agricare are now supplying the perfect, tried and tested, alternative . . . . . the Carmo posts!

Why Carmo posts?
Carmo posts are manufactured out of slow grown maritime pine. This increases the strength of the post by ensuring each post has the maximum number of tightly packed growth rings.
Carmo posts are manufactured from wood sourced from sustainable forests.
Carmo posts are peeled posts not machined round. This maintains the natural strength of the timber by not interfering with the tubular structure.
Carmo posts are naturally air dried to reduce the likelihood of the severe splitting caused by un-natural kiln drying processes.
Carmo posts are pressure treated with Celcure AC-725 treatment once the moisture content has reached a maximum of 20% resulting in total penetration of the sap wood right up to the heartwood.
Carmo posts look great and they maintain the attractive appearance of traditional orchards without sacrificing strength or longevity.
Carmo posts are guaranteed against premature decay during the first 20 years. Any post that has broken due to premature decay will be replaced equally as new.

What customers say -
'We like the posts, overall they look good. They are generally uniform in their size and are nice and straight. Traditional Creosoted posts are very unpleasant to handle and we sure that they are likely to cause some significant problems in the relatively near future, so it's such a relief to find that Agricare have sourced a satisfactory alternative?

Do the Carmo posts really last for 20 years plus?
The lifetime of the posts is much longer than 20 years. There are many plantations across Europe have been planted using Carmo posts over 50 years now. There are currently some plantations that were planted 30 years ago that are being grubbed out and the posts re-used!

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