Strawberry Table Top Mesh

This speciality mesh is manufactured out of 2.5mm high tensile wire and is used to form part of an extremely effective wire channel system for supporting the bags or pots of substrate for growing strawberries.

The main features and benefits are:-

  • Relatively low initial outlay
  • Can be used to upgrade some existing systems.
  • The lateral wires preventing the bags, pots or troughs tipping
  • The mesh can be formed to the dimensions that best suit your system
  • Specialist Orange forming machine loaned or hired from Agricare – no other specialist equipment needed
  • Time saving - very fast process to form the mesh into the channel
  • Laser cut end plates with holes to take the 5 wires are available to be welded onto the end posts
  • Simple self-assembly so reducing cost
  • Can easily be added to without unreasonable costs

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