Powercoup Power Handle & Accessories

The Powercoup PW2 is the second generation of the Powercoup range with the new range being lighter and more versatile.

The new tool comprises a light weight base unit to which multiple heads can be attached with or without an extension poles quickly and simply. 

The Powercoup range now includes a Chainsaw Head, Hedge Trimmer, Reciprocating Saw, and Blossom Thinner.

The PW2 handle is equipped with a flat motor using the futuristic brushless technology. Electronic recognition allows for the ideal performance of the motor by choosing the best combination of power, speed and torque, based on the type of tool being used.

The Powercoup PW2 range can be used with all Infaco (F3005, F3010, Lithium F3015 and L810B) batteries.


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