Electrocoup F3015

The Electrocoup F3015 is the result of 6 years of careful testing and development and an advancement on the F3010.

Here are 4 key features of the Electrocoup F3015:

  • The electronics that were previously contained in a control box are now incorporated into the handset.  This means all settings are now controlled from the handset.
  • You have a choice of three cutting head sizes.
  • The ultra-compact Lithium-Ion battery has a high storage capacity, high power, and BMS electronic intelligent battery technology.
  • Now available with the Wireless Trigger System - available for all new F3015 Electocoups and as an upgrade to existing F3015 sets.

The F3015 has all the functions of the F3010 including impulse and proportional mode, half aperture for multiple small cuts.