Electrocoup Accessories

The Electrocoup range of products comes with a range of specifically designed accessories.

Comfortable Battery Pack

The new F3015 is supplied an ultra-compact 120Wh Lithium-Ion battery. This battery weighs only 810grams and can be simply clipped onto a pocket or attached to the belt/harness supplied. Full charge takes 90 minutes.

The F3010 battery is slim and flat and designed to fit in the soft padded harness. Charging to full capacity takes 5 hours.

Electric Safety Gloves

The electric safety gloves offer the ultimate protection for users of both F3010 and F3015. When the gloved hand comes near the blade of the F3010, the motor temporarily stops so the blade cannot continue cutting until the hand is moved away.

Telescopic Pole

Both the F3010 and F3015 can be fitted with a range of fixed and telescopic extension poles ranging from 1.20m to 3.5m, giving a cutting reach of up to 5 m above ground.

The pruning shear is controlled by a micro switch housed in a sliding handle on the carbon fibre tube.