About Vinevale

Vinevale is a new range of vineyard products from Agricare.

Launched in 2018, Vinevale includes a range of high quality products to the UK viticulture industry.  

  • INFACO pruning shears
  • INFACO tying machine
  • Exbanor tying pliers and wire

Agricare is the only UK supplier of INFACO products and we are pleased to offer a maintenance service to ensure your INFACO Electrocoup pruning shears are always performing as they should and you have no down time. 

Similarly the INFACO tying machine is designed to decrease labour time and increase productivity capable to making 7,000 ties on a single charge.  We also have available, accessories to complement the range of INFACO products.

The Exbanor range is designed in France specifically for vineyards, this range includes tying pliers and wire.  There are four different wires available including a biodegradable option.

We work hard to find the right products for growers and as part of our viticulture research.  As a team we are working with many vineyards across the UK to ensure you always have access to the products you rely on.  We are committed to helping you improve your profitability.