Electrocoup F3015 Secateur

ln 1984 Infaco S.A. invented the world's first electric secateur the Electrocoup and since then they have designed, produced and sold over 250,000 sets.

In-house industrial designers, quality controllers and engineers strive to sustain the recognised strengths of the company and focus on designing reliable and durable tools for the future.

Once every product has passed its design stage, a prototype of the idea is developed and put through rigorous tests for months before optimum results are achieved and implemented in future designs.

Quality Assurance.

Since inventing the first electric secateurs in 1984, Infaco are continuously striving to improve the existing products as well as developing new tools.

6 years of research were spent perfecting the new Electrocoup F3015 secateurs, which highlights the passion underlying the work of the whole research and development team.

The F3015 shears were thoroughly tested for two entire seasons in order to fully optimise their performance and reliability, and will once again set new bench marks in the industry - a high quality piece of equipment that is clearly the preferred choice for pruning professionals.

High quality materials have been selected for the new F3015 resulting in a lighter and more compact handset. The new brushless motor is powered by a futuristic Lithium-Ion battery - the advance in battery technology is clearly evident!

The main aluminium body inside the handset is covered by a lifetime warranty being made of a high quality alloy used in aeronautics.