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Brexit & UK agriculture policy – Information from Parliament

The Agriculture Bill had its First Reading on 12 September 2018

Brexit requires the UK to have a new agriculture policy. The UK Government and devolved legislatures have set out proposals for supporting farmers whilst enhancing the environment. The Commons Library publishes briefing papers, amendments and updates ahead of its publication where you can also access latest news & developments and sign up to receive e-mail updates.

Summary of the Agriculture Bill 2017-19

“A Bill to authorise new expenditure for certain agricultural and other purposes; to make provision about direct payments during an agricultural transition period following the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union; to make provision about the acquisition and use of information connected with food supply chains; to confer power to respond to exceptional market conditions affecting agricultural markets; to confer power to modify retained direct EU legislation relating to agricultural and rural development payments and public market intervention and private storage aid; to make provision about marketing standards and the classification of carcasses; to make provision for the recognition of associations of agricultural producers which may benefit from certain exemptions from competition law; to confer power to make regulations about contracts for the purchase of agricultural products from agricultural producers and securing compliance with the WTO Agreement on Agriculture; and for connected purposes”

The Bill is due to have its report stage and third reading on a date to be announced.

(Third reading is one of the stages that a Bill must pass in each House before it can become law. It is normally the final opportunity for the Commons or the Lords to decide whether to pass or reject a Bill in its entirety). 

The Bill completed its committee stage on 20 November 2018.


You can access the full report via the Parliament website

Support from the National Farmers Union

You can also access a host of useful information and links via the NFU website which is freely available,

There is also a document for members called the Brexit toolbox.

Here are links to the British Chamber of Commerce website with useful information about Brexit and how it may affect the British agricultural industry.

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