Product Sourcing

At Agricare we are proud of our market-leading offering, stocking over 3,000 branded and own-brand Agricultural and Horticultural products.

We carry a large range of branded and own-brand products and parts in stock.

However, if we don’t have the required part in stock, then we should normally be able to locate and obtain it for you.

We are always on the lookout for new product innovations to ensure we provide our clients with the very best equipment.

Electrocoup Servicing and Maintenance

Our manufacturer-trained technicians and advisors are dedicated to providing you with first-rate support for your equipment, including warranty repairs.

We can cater to all your needs, from supplying spare parts to a major service at our workshop which is fully equipped with the latest technology.

The benefits of our service:

  • In-house engineers - some companies send them away to be repaired
  • Large stock of spare parts
  • Loan secateurs available
  • Fast turnaround (usually 24 hours)
  • Electronic diagnostics
  • Collection and delivery arranged if necessary

Electrocoup Annual Service

Each Electrocoup handset is stripped down and plugged into the electronic diagnosis tool. Internal wearing parts are replaced (under warranty where applicable) and it is completely cleaned and re-greased. A new blade is then fitted and finally, the handset casing is replaced with a new one.

They will then be returned to you as 'good as new'. When serviced by us, within each 12 month service period, the warranty can be extended for up to a maximum of 3 years.

Wireless Trigger System

This effective safety system option can be supplied ready fitted to new sets of Electrocoup F3015 and can also be professionally retrofitted to any F3015 previously supplied without it. Call us on 01304 842280 to discuss further.