Felco Secateurs

Get the job done right with Felco Secateurs!

Our Swiss-made pruning shears are the perfect tool for any professional or gardener. With superior cutting power and precision, you can be confident that your pruning will be done quickly and accurately.

Felco Pruning Shears | High Quality Swiss Design

Founded in Switzerland, Felco has been producing the finest garden tools since 1884 using the best-quality materials to deliver tools that are durable and easy to maintain.

Felco pruning shears are a lightweight yet sturdy tool which are designed to make clean, precise cuts. Recognised internationally as the best bypass pruning shears available, Felco secateurs offer excellent features and functionality, such as a wire notch, ideal for tying in, and a sap groove to direct sap away from the blade.

Ideal for professionals and hobbyists who want to make short work of trimming branches, pruning off dead wood, and cutting back overgrown trees.

The Features of Felco Secateurs and Pruning Shears

Each Model is suitable for a different purpose or hand size, but each share the trademark quality build:

  • Ergonomic Design enabling a comfortable action to be maintained
  • Robust Handles made of forged metal alloy
  • Classic non-slip red coated handles for excellent grip
  • Cushioned shock absorbers to protect hands and wrists (except where noted)
  • Smooth working action and soft closing
  • High quality steel blades that are corrosion resistant and easily adjustable
  • All parts can be replaced to make your tools as good as new
  • Lifetime Warranty

Which Felco Secateurs Are Right for You?

Agricare UK offers a large range of Felco Secateurs and pruning shears to suit all sizes of hands, left and right-handed users, and different pruning requirements. The Felco models and features are summarised below.

Felco No. 2 Secateurs - The original Felco design, remaining unchanged for over 75 years. Considered by professionals and hobbyists alike to be the best pruner in the world.

Felco No. 4 Secateurs – A basic version of the classic No. 2 model. No cushioned grip, ideal quality secateurs for lighter use.

Felco No. 5 Secateurs – A simple, lower cost tool but with the excellent design and materials of more costly models. Ideal for raspberry canes or similar pruning jobs.

Felco No. 6 Secateurs – A great compact model packed with features and ideal for smaller hands.

Felco No. 7 Secateurs – These pruning shears are superb. The tool is a professional all-rounder, offering high performance. Recommended for right-handers due to the roll handle action that reduces pressure when cutting.

Felco No. 8 Secateurs – A redesign of the No. 2 secateurs and are similar to the superb No. 7, but for those that prefer no roll handle.

Felco No. 10 Secateurs – If you are left-handed then the No. 10 shears are the perfect choice. These are the left-handed version of the No. 7 secateurs, packed full of features and made just for you.

Simply make your choice and get pruning with your new Felco secateurs.

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Why Buy from Agricare?

For over 25 years, Agricare have been consistently supporting Farmers and Growers with quality products, unparalleled knowledge and reliable service – because we care. When you buy from Agricare you are buying from a UK based company, run by experienced industry professionals. You will not only have access to a huge range of quality products, but also to a wealth of advice and knowledge. Additionally, we have a shop and service centre on site run by staff who know our products inside out. We have been selling manual secateurs for over 15 years, and can advise you on every aspect of our tools relating to your specific requirements.

Contact us here to have a chat about Felco tools or any other requirements today.

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